Love Island’s Callum Jones and Molly Smith move into new home


Love Island stars Callum Jones and Molly Smith have decided to take a huge leap in their relationship, as they reveal they've moved into their very first house together.

The couple first turned head in this year's winter series of the reality dating show, when Callum left his former other half, Shaughna Phillips, for Casa Amor blow-in Molly. While many fans wondered if the couple would stand the test of time, apparently Callum and Molly are in it for the long run.

The two revealed to New Magazine, that they've just moved into their very own lavish four-bedroom home in Manchester, after spending lockdown together in Molly's parent's house. "We only had three weeks out of the villa before we went into lockdown," Callum explained. "I worried when he first moved in with my mum and dad about being in their space," Molly revealed.


"I didn’t want them to feel put out by us, but it was absolutely fine. It actually went really well. We had movie nights with them and we started watching loads of series together. My mum and dad love him. Callum was cooking for them so he’s already got brownie points for that."

Now that the two have flown the nest, Molly went on to talk about renting their own pad. "We’re renting this place for a year, but we’ll hopefully be able to buy a place together soon," she explained, while Callum adds, "It’s a bit tricky when you’re self-employed with buying. You have to have so many years on the books, but as soon as we can we’ll buy somewhere."

Apparently though, being in lockdown together has done them the world of good, as Callum expresses that it has made their relationship "100%" stronger. "The villa prepared us for it, because we were used to living together 24/7 anyway," he notes. "You couldn’t just go out whenever you wanted in the villa either and we were on top of each other 24/7," Molly recalls.


"We got on so well in lockdown. I love how caring Callum is – he’s always thinking of me. Even if he’s just making food, he always makes sure he makes me some, too."

Callum goes on to describe their equal give-and-take relationship style, explaining, "Molly always makes me a cup of tea in the morning, too. Every morning without fail. That’s what I love most about her!"

When it comes to wedding bells though, the two are on the exact same page. "Well, we’ve always said what our dream wedding would be and talked about that, but we know that it’s not any time soon. We’re both quite set that we don’t want marriage or babies at the moment. We want to go on too many holidays and have a great time first," Callum revealed.