Lip balm makes your lips dry… and other CONFUSING beauty ironies


Beauty is a funny thing. And as we grow up we hear, and listen to, a lot of beauty advice. 

This can come from our mothers, grandmothers, friends and… (now) bloggers, but there's some things that we're told that confuse the hell out of us. 

Here are some examples of beauty ironies we all need to follow:

You have to cut your hair to grow it

This one is often split down the middle as some people listen and some don't. But it's true, in order to make your hair grow longer, you have to cut it to get rid of the dead and nasty split ends. Now, go forth to the hairdressers!


The stuff you do to make your eyelashes look longer can actually break them

Miley Cyrus's recent incident is the perfect example of this. We wear mascara most days, which can dry out your lashes if not removed properly. We use a strange metal clamp to curl them, which can actually be quite dangerous (especially if your dog comes running at you) and some of us even get extensions, and when not done properly, can majorly damage our lashes.


The more you wear lip balm, the more you need it

Did you know this? Well it's true. Lip balm actually dries out your lips in the long run, leading you to buy more lip balm to get your smackers soft again. It's a vicious cycle. *face palm*


The more you squeeze your skin to get rid of the bad stuff, the more bad stuff gets in

We know it's tempting but this one is so true. Don't squeeze your skin. Ever. 


We put on a slab of make-up and call it 'no make-up'

Yes, we want to go for the natural look… but wearing foundation, mascara, bronzer and highlighter isn't actually all that natural.