Lindsay Lohan comes clean about all the celebs she has slept with

According to InTouch magazine, Lindsay Lohan penned a list of all the celebrities that she has ever slept with and it is a pretty long list.

Apparently, a source told the magazine that in January of last year, the troubled actress wrote all her past lovers on a piece of paper while she was drinking with her friends in a hotel in Beverly Hills – not a great move, Lindsay.

Celebs on the list include the late Heath Ledger, Max George from The Wanted, Colin Farrell, Evan Peters, Justin Timberlake and Zac Efron. Several names on the piece of paper were blanked out due to legal reasons.

The source said that the group of people the actress was sitting with were “giggling and talking s*** about people in the industry”. They added: “It was her personal conquest list. She was trying to impress her friends with the list and then tossed it aside.”

Guess the 27-year-old has never heard the phrase, “don’t kiss and tell”