Liam Payne’s Instagram account is causing trouble already!


Those poor One Direction lads just can’t catch a break!

Liam Payne has just joined Instagram and he’s already complaining about users trying to hack into his account.

Despite only having six images on his account, the star already has over half a million followers – but it’s not all good news!

Earlier today he had a bit of a rant on Instagram, saying: “Lmao can people stop trying to break into my Instagram I only just got it lol that shits clogging up my mail.”

He continued to urge his fans to stop guessing his password: “Stop trying to guess my password … My emails going crazy with junk and I need it to make you all nice music for new albums!!”

Luckily, the ‘hackers’ gave up fairly quickly as he later tweeted a simple: “Thanks.”

Welcome to the Instagram world, Liam!