Lena Dunham reclaims her ‘joke’ body with nude Instagram upload

Last month, Lena Dunham was forced to call Us Weekly out on their coverage of her weight loss.

The magazine ran a feature on the star and used her recent weight loss as a platform to provide so-called diet tips.

And Lena, unsurprisingly, wasted no time highlighting the fact that numerous medical conditions were actually responsible for her weight loss, and therefore not something any woman should aspire towards.

In a similar vein this week, the Girls creator took to Instagram to share a nude photo of herself alongside a caption which illustrates the progress the actress has made in relation to her own self-worth and body image.

"Just wanted to share that one of the reasons @eatingboys has inspired me so much is because of the way she mixes her humor and sexuality," Lena began.

"I spent so many years loving my body but thinking it wasn't lovable by others- its sole purpose was to be fodder for jokes," she wrote.

"I performed the insult so no one else could," she added. "I don't regret any of it- that's my art and that was my truth."

However, it sounds like the star's perspective has changed somewhat, and her medical history has gone a long way towards contributing to it.

"Now, at age 31, having been through hell and back with my health and other people's perceptions of my physicality, I feel deeply comfortable with the idea that this pear-shaped pot of honey is equally good for making people laugh and laying out like a Suicide Girl circa 2004. Love it all."


20 slimdown diet tips! 1. anxiety disorder * 2. resultant constant nausea 3. an election that reveals the true depths of American misogyny 4. constant sweaty dreams of dystopian future 5. abdominal adhesions pinning ovary below uterus * 6. baseless but still harrowing threats to physical safety online and through smail mail 7. watching institutions you love from Planned Parenthood to PBS be threatened by cartoon mustache-twirling villains 8. finally realizing superheroes aren't real (specifically the X-Factor, really thought they'd handle this) 9. marching your ass off 10. a quiet rage that replaces need for food with need for revenge 11. sleeping 19 hours a day 12. realizing that even the liberal media wants dem clicks no matter whut 13. worrying ceaselessly about the health and safety of women you know and women you don't 14. realizing who ya real friends are 15. having to switch from Uber to Lyft (lots of calories burned trying to understand a new app, then even more trying to understand if the conflict was resolved) 16. bladder spasms, urinary frequency and urgency * 17. having your phone number leaked and violent images texted to your phone by randos under names like VERYFATCHUCKYBOY@creepz.com 18. keeping your back arched against the wind 19. um, who the fuck cares? 20. I have no tips I give no tips I don't want to be on this cover cuz it's diametrically opposed to everything I've fought my whole career for and it's not a compliment to me because it's not an achievement thanx * Star indicates a pre-existing condition

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Lena's upload struck a chord with her followers and has amassed almost 40,000 likes so far.

"You are absolutely gorgeous and quite the inspiration to me as I have insecurities ab my body as well," wrote one Instagram user. (sic)

"Keep on keeping on @lenadunham and continue to create & u will undoubtedly inspire more of us! Thank you for showing beauty is not restricted to a size 4 with minimal curves & that a woman's mind is just as beautiful (if not more so) than her body."

"I spent so many years loving my body but thinking it wasn't lovable by others" I've been there so many times, just reading it from you makes me feel less alone, understood. Calm," added another.