Lauren Goodger is sharing her weight loss journey

After Lauren Goodger's previous struggles with weight, we are delighted at how well she is currently doing.

Earlier this year, Lauren expressed how upset she was about unflattering pictures taken of her while she was on holiday in Egypt.

Lauren said: "I’m too upset and embarrassed to look at those photos of me in a bikini taken on holiday in Egypt. They make me feel humiliated – they’re horrendous!"

Now Lauren has taken the step to get her weight loss back on track. The former TOWIE star has been posting photos of herself to Instagram, and she is looking gorgeous.

She started a weight loss plan last month and has been hitting the gym a lot. She has become more toned and it is clear in her defined cheek bone selfies that the pounds are quickly dropping off of her.

Last week, she captioned one of her pictures: "I'm going bring you on my journey .. But one thing girls.. skinny doesn't mean FIT something you can't deny… I'd rather be fit and healthy any day".

Lauren posted the above photo to Instagram on Thursday before setting off on holiday. In her latest column Lauren wrote: "It'll be the first time I'll have been in a bikini since those pictures of me in Egypt earlier this year."

"I'm not nervous at all because I know I'm looking and feeling better than I did then. I'm looking forward to feeling the sun on my skin and getting a real tan," she added.

What an inspiration, good job, Lauren!