Ladies, Ed Sheeran is newly single and ready to find the one


After recently breaking up with his girlfriend, Athina Andrelos, Ed Sheeran is ready to find the one.

The pair dated for almost a year, but the singer has now confessed: "My parents have been married for 30 years, my grandparents were together 66 years. I'm definitely bred into that life of you find a partner and you stick with them."

He has described his celebrity bestie, Taylor Swift, as a "brilliant wingman" as he begins to move on from Athina. People once speculated whether Ed and TayTay were romantically involved, but those rumours were not true and they really are just great friends. Awww, bless. 

Taylor has recently started dating DJ, Calvin Harris.

Ed has also spoken up about his friend, Shane Warne, when it comes to charming the ladies: “He’s hugely impressive. It’s an art form with him.”

Ed has recently dropped over 40lbs, going from 15 stone to 11 by going on a diet and exercising more regularly.