Kylie Jenner just revealed a VERY drastic new look on Instagram


We’re used to controversial Instagram posts from the Jenners and Kardashians, but we definitely did not see this one coming.

This time, 17 year old Kylie Jenner has opted to turn her hair bright blue. We’re not sure whether she’s actually dyed her hair or if it’s a wig, because it has not yet been confirmed. Either way, she can pull it off as always.

She posted a selfie on Snapchat and Instagram showing off her new aqua locks, along with the Instagram caption “The road trip begins…” Could the new colour perhaps be for Coachella this weekend or did she just feel like a change?


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The last time Kylie's hair was blue was only on the ends and we all loved it. So even for Kylie, the new do is a major change.

We wonder how long this one will last, we can’t keep up with her ever changing image. No matter what she does, she still manages to always look stunning. Keep going Kylie, you never fail to surprise us.