Kylie Jenner has been BANNED from dating famous bad boy!


Bruce Jenner doesn’t want his youngest daughter Kylie anywhere near the bad boy pop star Justin Bieber!

Bruce reportedly hit the roof when he found out about Justin and Kylie’s date to Las Vegas to see the Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight last month.

Bruce was fine with his daughter tagging along with older sister Kendall when she hung out with Justin, but is REALLY not keen on the idea of Kylie and the Heartbreaker singer spending time alone.

The reality TV dad has told Kylie she is forbidden from dating Justin, as he’s a major bad influence on her.

Kris Jenner is said to have backed Bruce’s Bieber ban and said Kylie is WAY too young to be hanging around with the 20-year-old singer.

Kylie went crying to her mum after the big argument with Bruce, but was shocked to see Kris siding with her estranged hubby on this one.

Somehow we’re not so sure this is going to stop her!