Kylie and Kendall just got VERY controversial on Snapchat

We're all for sisters being BFFs, but we're not sure what to make of Kylie and Kendall Jenner's latest move.

Kylie joined Snapchat recently (her username is Kylizzlemynizzl… you're welcome) and she has been posting videos and pictures galore all week long.

Yesterday she shared a video of herself and Kendall hanging backstage at a Topshop photo shoot, and things seemed to get juuust a little weird. In the video, Kylie can be seen standing behind her big sister and winding her hand around her stomach before putting it down the front of Kendall's jeans:

Kendall doesn't seem all that bothered, but we found the whole thing QUITE creepy, and we weren't the only ones:

Earlier this week Kylie shared another sister-sister snap, this time of herself and Kendall having a little smooch:

The kissing we can handle – keep it above the waist, ladies!