Kimye’s honeymoon demands are revealed and they’re interesting!


According to a leaked e-mail, Kimye decided to keep it low key when it came to their Irish honeymoon requests! Well low-key for Kim and Kanye.

The couple who holidayed in Co. Cork last May asked for the simple things in life from; DVD’s, Netflix, extra bedding, a pack of playing cards to a hot tub placed on standby (you never know) and obviously candles to be lit on their arrival.

They also asked for alternative accommodation in case they didn’t like their first choice.

But if that wasn’t enough, the couple also requested that the Irish flag be flying from Castle Olivier in Co. Cork upon their arrival!

The couple who married in Florence, Italy  two months ago, decided to spend their honeymoon in Cork, Limerick and Laois.

The leaked e-mail was apparently sent from Patricia L. Blanche, owner of LCF Custom Travel & Tours, to Siobhan Byrne Learat of Adams & Butler Luxury Travel, revealing the couple wanted a simple honeymoon.

"From what we're hearing, it would appear they're going to spend plenty of downtime at the Castle, and are looking forward to watching movies and just spending alone time together.”

Well, what better place for it.