Kim Kardashian speaks out about Bruce’s sex change “journey”


Although Bruce Jenner has yet to publicly speak out about rumours that he is transitioning to life as a woman, his stepdaughter Kim Kardashian has strongly hinted that big changes are ahead.

Former Olympian Bruce split from Kris Jenner back in 2013, with the divorce papers filed late last year. Since then, Bruce's changing appearance has led many to speculate that he may be planning to live life as a woman. The rumours really came to a head earlier this month when US magazine InTouch Photoshopped an image of Bruce's face onto that of a female actress, claiming that he had spoken out about his sex change plans. 

Kim tackled the situation on a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying that Bruce is currently "the happiest [she's] ever seen him" despite the media backlash. 

While she did admit that Bruce was going through something significant, the reality star was reluctant to divulge any further information. "We support Bruce one hundred percent… I think that when the time is right he'll talk about whatever he wants to talk about," she said in the interview, which airs tonight.

When asked about the rumours, Kim said, "I guess I'll kind of let everyone be curious and I feel like that's his journey to talk about… I think everyone goes through things in life and I think that story and what Bruce is going through, I think he'll share whenever the time is right."

The Kardashian-Jenner clan rallied around their dad last week, posting a family snap on Instagram as a touching show of support:

Whatever Bruce is going through, we hope he feels he can share it with his family.