Kim Kardashian reveals her biggest regret in life


It may have drawn attention to her for all the wrong reasons, but there is no denying that Kim Kardashian’s sex tape is what brought her to the centre of the media spotlight.

It’s ironic, then, that the reality star has chosen making the sex tape with music star Ray-J as the biggest regret of her life.

In an interview with LOVE magazine, the star gets candid about her past: “If I do have one regret in life, that’s it. Maybe that’s how some people heard of me, but I didn’t launch my career off of that. That was 12 years ago, no 13 years ago, so I just try to move on and put it in the past because I think everyone in life does things that they’re not proud of, but you can’t sit and dwell on them forever.”

Kim, who posed nude in leaked images from her accompanying photo shoot, also stood up for her reality show, saying that it frustrates her when people slam the programme.

“I’m proud that we give so many people jobs. Like, our lighting guy handed me a keychain last season and said, ‘I just want to thank you – I’ve worked for you guys for eight seasons and you helped me buy a house.’ So I get a little but frustrated at people not understanding,” she said.

One thing is for sure – her star is just continuing to rise, so she must be doing something right somewhere along the line!