Kim Kardashian is furious with this celebrity!


Kim Kardashian is reportedly still livid with comedian, Joan Rivers after she made a crude joke about baby North West.

Although the incident happened quite a few months ago, it seems Kim is still furious about it and ordered Joan to stay away from her.

It was reported that Kim and her sister, Khloe had been sat next to Joan at the recent NBC Upfronts but they demanded she be moved away from them.

A source described: “Khloe and Kim were seated next to Joan Rivers, but they had them move her. [They] both don’t want drama and can’t fake it anymore with Joan, so they asked staff to keep them separate.”

Joan caused controversy after she called Kim’s daughter, Nori “ugly” as well as adding that the baby was, “desperately in need of a waxing.”

We’re sure Joan wasn’t expecting a welcome from the Kardashian sisters!

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