Samantha Jones is all geared up for a THIRD Sex and The City movie


It's been six whole years since our last dose of Sex and the City goodness, so you can imagine our excitement upon hearing that actress Kim Cattrall (aka Ms Samantha Jones) really wants Sex and the City 3 to happen. 

In an interview with the Express – which was published yesterday – Kim revealed that all involved would love for a third SATC movie to become a reality.

The 59-year-old star said: "Of course there should be a third film! I think we would all love it. I mean, what would the story be?" 

And when asked if she feared the film would flop, Kim gave the perfect SATC-inspired response:  "To quote Samantha Jones ''If I worried about what every b***h said about me I wouldn't leave the house!'"

Kim – who is currently in Edinburgh at the city's Film Festival – then explained why she thinks there's more to her alter-ego Samantha than meets the eye.

She said: "When she is showing off and doing her business and amusing and entertaining everyone, underneath it is fear that she'll be alone and you start to understand that part of when you do that."

According to Kim, it's the relatable nature of the programme's characters which made the show such a success: "That's the relation and I think that the beauty of the show is that those four characters really, I feel, represented one complete woman. Different sides, different moods, different parts of being feminine."

"You can have those moments of any one of those characters and understand them in a more complete way."

Since the last hint of Sex and the City 3 fell through, we're going to wait with everything crossed in the hope that this dream will become a reality.

Feat image: HBO