Kicking the sugar habit

There are very few people among us who don’t crave sugar at least once a day and, unfortunately, the sweet stuff is not good for you.

Apart from ruining your teeth, it can cause you to crash after a sugar rush, overindulge on calories and prevent your body from knowing when it is full meaning you eat more than you need.

It’s time to cut the habit!

Be motivated
If you don’t really want to quit, you won’t. Make sure you really want to kick the habit.

Know where it’s hiding
Sugar has a lot of different names on food labels. Look out for words that end in ‘ose’ like fructose or sucrose.

Choose an alternative
When it comes adding flavour to your food opt for herbs and spices instead of sugar.

Eat healthy food
If you eat a well balanced diet, your body won’t have room for sugar so it won’t crave it.

The best way to deal with cravings is to put all sugary foods out of sight and be prepared to suffer for a little while. Hopefully, your cravings should be gone within a week… hopefully!

Are you up for the challenge?