Kendall Jenner comes under fire over Instagram snap


While most of us just gazed in awe when Kendall Jenner posted a stunning bikini selfie this week, some beady-eyed followers had a bone to pick with the model.

Yes, poor Kendall can’t even post a selfie now without being accused of photoshopping herself!

The star took to Instagram on New Year’s Day to post a seemingly innocent enough photo of herself about to soak in some rays in Dubai, but followers were quick to accuse the reality star of editing herself to appear thinner.

What seems to have set them off are the supposed “wavy bits” in the corner of the photo, as well as the awkward angle of her wrist.


A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

To be honest, we think you would have to be concentrating pretty darn hard to find these so-called flaws, but Kendall’s social media followers have been quick to chastise her, all the same!

“What are those wavy bits in the corner? This has definitely been edited!” wrote one Instagram user.

Kendall has remained silent on the issue, and has left the photo up. Good on her – we don’t see anything here but a stunning young woman!