Kelly Brook opens up about her ‘shock’ engagement!


We admit it, we were a little bit shocked when Kelly Brook’s announced her engagement to her fiancé David McIntosh last month.

But it seems we weren’t the only ones  as Kelly revealed today that David’s proposal came as complete surprise to her as well.

“Was it a shock when he got down on one knee? Just a bit! I think it took both of us by surprise, to be honest, how quickly things have progressed. But I’ve never met a guy like David before and although it seems soon to be planning our wedding, there’s nothing to wait for in my mind because at the moment everything’s fantastic and there’s no reason why it can’t continue to be like that. I hadn’t been looking to fall in love.”

Kelly went onto reveal that the proposal took at her home in Manchester.

“I saw this beautiful diamond ring and I think my first reaction was, ‘Are you sure?’ He assured me he was, so I said ‘Of course I will’. He slipped the ring on my finger and we kissed and it was just the most humbling, beautiful moment of my life. It was so genuine.”

The couple met at New Year’s party through mutual friends where David knew straight away that Kelly was “…someone I could marry”.

It seems Kelly’s wedding won’t be a quiet one either as the model revealed she would like to get married in Italy, and plans on wearing a big wedding dress too.

“I never thought I was going to be that girl who wants the huge dress with a 10-foot train, but now I want the biggest, most gorgeous dress ever. So Suzie and I have a photo stream going, so any dresses that catch my eye, I just send them over to her. It’s going to be really personal. I want everything to have a real personal touch.”