Katy Perry’s dancer fell off stage last night…dressed as the White House


Last night, the Brit Awards hosted some amazing musicians to celebrate a year of fabulous music.

When performing, Katy Perry decided to commit her set to the year in politics, as she put on a politically charged act that paid homage to the current state of American and worldwide governmental relations.

The performance included 20 foot tall skeletons who had a remarkable resemblance to Donald Trump and Theresa May, who were shown holding hands and dancing together, while hundreds of tiny versions of the White House frolicked around them.

It was one of these tiny houses, with a backup dancer inside, that caught the eye of fans.

During her new song Chained To The Rhythm, the dancer promptly fell off the stage in the most confidant manner possible.

We've all had that horrible moment where we've gone down the stairs and missed a step, but this little guy just felt that fear on a global level, as his tumble was posted on Twitter for the world to see.

Luckily, the white house costume means his face is hidden so his dignity is intact, but we hope the rest of him is too after that fall.