Katy Perry just spoke about THAT feud with Taylor Swift


Katy Perry has FINALLY addressed her feud with Taylor Swift and those hoping for her to say there isn’t one are in for disappointment!

It would appear that Katy and Taylor are far from friends as the Fireworks singer addressed the issue in an interview with Billboard recently.

The interview spoke about THAT time Taylor alluded to a female singer as her ‘straight-up enemy’ before Katy later tweeted about ‘the Regina George in sheep’s clothing’. All Katy has to say about the situation now is: “If somebody is trying to defame my character, you’re going to hear about it.”

Ooh, very saucy Katy! We guess this means that things are very far from okay between the pair! All we want to know is…where did it all go so wrong? 

Perhaps Taylor was less than impressed when Katy began to date her ex-boyfriend, John Mayer back in 2012 and things only went from bad to worse after that! Katy's rumoured ex, Diplo also slammed Taylor on Twitter, telling her she had no bum, leading her BFF Lorde to lay down the law

Either way, it looks like these former friends are very far from that now! How sad – she may be the only high-profile celebrity who ISN'T Taylor Swift's BFF…!