Lorde lashes out at singer on Twitter and it’s hilarious


Taylor Swift has proved she has a pretty legendary friend in Lorde after the New Zealand singer hit back at rapper Diplo for slagging Taylor’s bum.

Yesterday, Diplo, who is Katy Perry’s rumoured boyfriend ranted about Taylor’s lack of a “booty” but we think he may regret it after Lorde’s hilarious response!

Lorde, proving that she’s the most loyal BFF ever, responded to Diplo on Twitter, writing: “@diplo should we do something about your tiny penis while we’re at it hm.”

Ah-mazing. Can we get in on this epic friendship please?!

Your move Diplo, but we wouldn't bother if we were you. Hopefully next time he takes it upon himself to comment on a woman's body, he'll think twice.