Katy Perry offers Selena Gomez some love advice


Selena Gomez’s love life is most definitely in need of some evaluation and it seems fellow singer and pal, Katy Perry is here to help with that.

Selena can’t seem to stay away from her ex Justin Bieber, as she’s been rumoured to be secretly dating the Baby star, for the last month.

But according to sources, Katy has told the Come and Get It singer that she needs to finally let go of Justin, for good.

“Katy is honest with Selena and she told her she needs to stick with it this time and really let Justin go. But she also told her that she’ll support her no matter what. Katy is very zen about it all.”

Katy has also encouraged Selena about her music, as she believed song writing helped her through her split with Russell Brand.

“She’s also invited Selena to come and hang out with her on tour — she’s pushing her to get back into making music. She feels like music saved her after her breakup with Russell so she’s been encouraging Selena to write about what she’s going through.”

We hope Selena listens to Katy and stays away from Justin, for good.