Katy Perry gets a selfie with the Queen!


It’s no secret that Katy Perry is a fan of all things British, and now that she’s on tour in the UK, she’s taking it all in!

The pop star uploaded this epic selfie of herself and the ‘Queen’ Adele to her Instagram account, writing: “…And on the 2nd LDN show the Queen graced me with her presence.”

It sounds like Katy may not be as far away as we think in her mission to meet the real Queen of England as it has been revealed that she sent Prince Harry an invitation to hang out with her!

Now that he is officially broken up with Cressida – could a love affair with this pop princess be on the horizon? We would love that!

A source close to Katy has said that she “has a thing for him” and has even gone as far as to invite the prince to hang out with her on the Fourth of July!