Kathryn Thomas opens up about baby Grace’s terrifying hospital dash


Operation Transformation host Kathryn Thomas has lived “every parent’s worst nightmare,” as she recalls bringing her newborn daughter Grace into A&E due to respiratory problems.

Already a loving mum to her three-year-old daughter Ellie, Kathryn welcomed the birth of baby number two this past October, giving birth to another beautiful baby girl sweetly named Grace.

However, it seems the blissful baby bubble didn’t last too long, as Kathryn was forced to rush baby Grace to Crumlin Children’s Hospital just before Christmas when she was just a few weeks old.

“It was absolutely horrific, every parent's worst nightmare,” 42-year-old Kathryn explained to the RTÉ Guide.

“I was fine until I got to the door of the emergency department and then I fell apart. You hand over the most precious thing in the world to people you don’t know, but who you trust implicitly.”

“Grace was tested for meningitis and sepsis and had to get a spinal lumbar puncture,” the mum-of-two recalled. “Jesus, it was terrible. I knew instinctively it was nothing (very serious) like that, but they had to take those preventative measures, including giving her intravenous antibiotics, just in case it was sepsis or meningitis.”

Luckily, Grace’s condition turned out to be far less serious than they had anticipated, as she was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, and was sent home from hospital three days later.

“The staff were incredible, they are walking angels, and after three days we were home and all was well,” she added.

Taking to Instagram just before Christmas, Kathryn shared a gorgeous photo of herself and baby Grace, as she opened up about just how much her tiny tot meant to her. “The best Christmas present we could ever wish for. Little Grace.”

“We were waiting for you to make our family complete. We are so blessed that you arrived and that you are here …..happy and healthy. I honestly still sometimes cant believe it. I am absolutely knackered but deliriously in love with you…..to the moon and back,” Kathryn sweetly wrote.