Kate Garraway opens up about first Christmas without husband Derek


With the festive season fast approaching, Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garrawy reveals she feels “physically sick” at the thought of enduring her first Christmas without her husband Derek Draper.

After suffering from extreme Covid-19 complications earlier on in the year, 53-year-old Derek is now Covid-free, but sadly still too unwell to leave the hospital.

Mum-of-two Kate, opened up about her fears on Friday’s Good Morning Britain show, where she was discussing further lockdown restrictions for the Christmas period.

“I'm very conflicted about Christmas, I've got to be honest with you…” Kate confessed, adding, “I feel physically sick actually and I can sort of feel my chest tightening up at the thought of it, in a total panic about the idea of Darcey, Billy and myself on our own at Christmas, unable to visit Derek because of potential restrictions and that huge emotional hole.”

“I don’t know how to fill it without grandparents, without friends helping to fill it. It feels like such a significant moment,” she described.

However, Kate then went on to rationalise with herself, saying, “I do feel in a panic about it, but then on the same token, I think, ‘Well we’re in this situation because of the spread of a disease, which at the moment doesn’t have a cure.’”

We’re hoping Derek makes a full recovery and feels better soon — so that he and his family can go on to make many more Christmas memories together in the years to come.