Kate Ferdinand pens emotional statement on being a stepmum

Former TOWIE star Kate Ferdinand welcomed the birth of her first child, Cree, just over one year ago. However, she became a mum long before that.

30-year-old Kate is also a loving stepmum to footballer husband Rio Ferdinand’s three children, 15-year-old Lorenz, 13-year-old Tate and 10-year-old Tia, whom he shared with his late wife, Rebecca Ellison, who passed away in 2015.

According to Kate, becoming a stepmum hasn’t always been easy, as she explains in a heartfelt statement shared to social media. 


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“Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to feel a part of our partners & childrens life, we at times can feel like an outsider,” Kate candidly wrote alongside a sweet family photo shared to her second Instagram account, which was created this past December as a place of support for blended families.

“This is something I still struggle with & to be honest, I think I always will,” she continued. “This has no baring on how my husband & the children treat me but more to do with entering into an already formed family.”

“So many memories already made and a full family life before I became part of their new chapter. This already formed family is really my whole life, yet they have a life without & before me, it’s a hard thing to get your head around at times.”

“As much as I love to learn all about their life before me and get involved as much as I can, the fact of it is, I wasn’t there.”

"It’s moments like when the doctor asks: ‘Have they had chicken pox before?’ I freeze & think, ‘shit, I don’t bloody know.’ An awkward embarrassed feeling comes over me, and reality sets in. 'Am I being judged? I should know this! How do I not?'”

Kate goes on to explain that she’s highly sensitive and craves love, and so sometimes it’s the little things which result in her feeling inadequate.

“I often can’t believe my luck, I have all three of the things I have always dreamed of but weirdly at times I feel like it’s not really mine,” Kate confesses, adding, “Navigating your way through this and trying to find your place can be extremely difficult. It does become easier with time, but do these feelings ever fully go? I’m not sure.”

“Will I always feel not fully part of everything? Maybe.”

Echoing what many stepmums might be feeling, Kate says, “the reason we can feel like an outsider is because biologically speaking, we are. But love goes beyond blood & I do believe love conquers all.”

“To my fellow stepmums, this is an amazing but difficult & confusing journey. It can be bloody hard work, if you feel an outsider at times, please know you are not alone. Let’s try and cling to the positive & not the moments of doubt,” she lovingly concluded.