Kardashian star is caught out with fake Instagram snap


If your life was the subject of a reality TV show, you might be forgiven for mixing up what was real and what wasn’t.

It looks like Kim Kardashian, star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, had this very problem recently after a family trip to Thailand.

Kim instagrammed a picture of a stunning Thai beach and captioned it, “Thanks for the memories”.

In just four days, it received over 500,000 likes.

If this was meant to make us insanely jealous, it did trick – until – it was revealed that the picture was actually lifted from Google Images.

The exotic landscape image is actually the 15th picture that appears in Google Images for ‘Thailand’ and this is the one that Kim uploaded.

It can also be found on several other free wallpaper sites.

Maybe Kim was too busy taking bikini selfies to snap the beautiful scenery instead.