Kardashian clan left terrified by latest threat


Rob Kardashian has had a difficult few years and, at every stage, his concerned family have made efforts to help him out.

However, it seems that 28-year-old has had just about enough of his family’s interfering, and has issued a very serious threat in a bid to get them to back off.

According to reports, Rob has threatened to expose the family’s deepest, darkest secrets in a tell-all – something which mum Kris is understandably concerned will come to pass.

A source told entertainment website HollywoodLife.com: “He’s threatened to do a big tell-all on the family which they find pretty terrifying. That is what he does when he gets upset. He threatens all kinds of stuff, like walking away from them for good and going where they can’t find him.”

Given how Kris is a bit of a mastermind when it comes to promoting the family’s image, this is the last thing she would want to see happening.

Rob’s struggles with anxiety and his body image have been well documented on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

We wonder what kind of secrets he is harbouring – this could get very interesting!