Kanye checks out nude pics on Paris flight this week!


We normally flick through a couple of glossies or scroll through our iPod when we're on a flight, but then again, we’re not Mr. Kanye West.

The rapper and husband of Internet Breaker, Kim Kardashian, was reported to have spent quite some time on a flight from Paris this week ogling nude photos of a brunette lady on his laptop.

Was it Kim? We're not sure.

The Grammy-award winning star, known for his major ego, was travelling from the French capital to Helsinki and caused quite a stir it seems.

Not only did many of his fellow passengers report that the Love Lockdown singer passed the time checking out the ladies on his computer, but he also he delayed the entire flight, refused to apologise and declined requests for autographs. Charming!

One witness to his diva-like behaviour said: “The whole flight was waiting on one of those buses that ferries passengers from the gate to the plane. Kanye and his assistant boarded in a huff and they did not apologise for keeping everyone waiting.”

When the superstar was asked for an autograph, a witness said: “He initially seemed to say yes, but then pointed at the line of passengers behind him waiting to board and declined…mostly through hand gestures. He was not talkative at all.”

OK, so he didn’t speak, he didn’t write, but he did apparently give one passenger “a reluctant fist bump”.