Justin Timberlake sparks some controversy with this shot!


Justin Timberlake is not the first singer to post an inappropriate shot whilst touring abroad. Justin Bieber had to make a public apology a few months ago, after posting a controversial picture of a war crime shrine while in Tokyo.

And now Justin Timberlake has managed to upset some of his fans with a shot of himself, posing in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The singer “The Holy Land… What an experience. I will never forget this day.”

But what caused the most controversy was the hashtag Justin decided to use for the snap, #Israel.

Even though the photo got over 250,000 likes, many of his fans became outraged that he had chosen that hashtag for his picture.

One user wrote: “There was never an Israel, there was always Palestine.”

Another commented about their disappointment over the shot: “You are in Palestine not Israel #disappointed.”

But Justin ignored the comments and went to post a picture of his friend, Jimmy Fallon.

Hmm, we’re not so sure that will make the comments go away Justin!