Justin Bieber majorly puts his foot in it – again!


Oh Justin. Justin. Justin. Justin – when will you learn?!

It’s been a bit of a mixed week for the singer; on the one hand, he’s probably cursing his stupidity for causing the latest break-up with Selena, while on the other, he appears to have had a ball spending €20,000 on a private tour of Vatican City.

But while he had no problem splashing the cash to check out the popular tourist spot, it seems he caused some upset by kicking a ball around the halls of the city’s historic buildings!

Apparently Bieber's annoying antics did not go down too well with the locals, who considered his behaviour to be disrespectful.

Seriously, did he have any awareness of his surroundings?!

Not that we should be surprised – this is the guy who once referred to the famous Sistine Chapel as the 16th Chapel, and had to be carried up the Great Wall of China on the shoulders of his bodyguards!

We guess we’ll just have to put this latest incident down to the fact that he’s nursing a broken heart.