Justin Bieber got seriously violent in Paris this week!


Justin Bieber needs some serious anger management lessons!

The star is courting controversy again after he was pictured squaring up to paparazzi in Paris on Tuesday night, appearing to punch one photographer and grab another by the neck.

It's been reported that Biebs and his minders were trying to clear the paps out of the way as they entered their hotel.

This isn't the first time Justin's let his temper get the better of him with paparrazi. He was sued for assault last June after getting physical with a photographer in California, kicking him in the stomach and punching him in the face.

Tuesday was a scandalous night all round for Justin, who had just returned from dinner with Kendall Jenner, while on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez was nowhere in sight.

Selena and Justin were in Paris at the same time but seemed to have quiet separate schedules, and she has since returned home to Los Angeles. A cryptic tweet from the actress last night suggests all might not be well for the two lovebirds:

A tangled web!