Just another reason to love Niall Horan!


Niall Horan has certainly won our hearts after his brief stay in Ireland this week.

First it was the formation of the ultimate bromance with the great Brian O’Driscoll, than he gave the ultimate shout-out to his hometown Mullingar, during Saturday night’s performance.

But Niall proved what a complete gent he really is, by making one six-year-old’s dreams come true yesterday.

Ahead of his Sunday show in Croke Park, Niall met with Leah Hession and signed some of her One Direction items.

Leah’s mum, Lorraine said that she and her daughter were taken completely by surprise by Niall’s appearance.

“I didn’t know about it. We were in the room a few minutes and then Niall walked in. He was on his own and didn’t have security or an entourage. He must have spent five minutes with us and he 100 per cent made the effort with Leah.”

Leah is battling a rare form of kidney cancer and Lorraine’s mum revealed that the whole encounter felt like a dream to her daughter.

“He was so kind and generous and hugged her and signed all of her memorabilia. Leah keeps asking was it a dream. This has given us precious memories that will be with us forever.”

Niall went on Twitter today to thank his fans “for an incredible weekend”.