Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart are PETRIFIED, and YouTube loves it

Look, we'd be the first to admit that there'd want to be a fairly hefty sum of money waiting for us if we were to agree to a trip through New York's 'scariest haunted house'.

And by the looks of things, that was also Kevin Hart's and Jimmy Fallon's criteria when it came to taking a trip through Blood Manor for Jimmy's nightly talk show.

Having survived a now infamous rollercoaster ride together in 2014, the two showbiz mates decided to show viewers exactly what they were made of by taking on the Blood Manor challenge.

And it turns out they're not made of much.

From Jimmy's pre-pubscent screams to Kevin admitting the whole situation was 'giving him gas', these two lads would have been better suited to a brief ride on the ghost train.

Like, we genuinely think we could have handled this… ahem.