Jennifer Lawrence seen screaming in public during blazing row


Actress Jennifer Lawrence was reportedly none too happy on the set of her latest film earlier this week.

The star was spotted having a screaming match with director David O. Russell on the set of her newest film, Joy. According to onlookers, Jen wasn't happy with how David was directing a scene, and the pair began shouting and swearing at one another in front of crew members.

Producer Harvey Weinstein arrived on set the same day to see Jennifer, but he was told by David to leave immediately, as soon as he arrived, as he would further distract the cast and crew.

Despite onlookers saying the argument between Jen and David was very much a real one, the movie's studio Fox 2000 have since claimed that it was simply "method acting," with David trying to get Jennifer riled up before she shot an angry scene with another actor.

Whether or not the argument was for real, Jennifer returned to the set the next day as usual, so the pair must have worked out their differences for now!

This is the third film that Jennifer and David have worked on together- David also directed the actress in Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle

Their current film is based on the life story of Joy Mangano, a single mother who is struggling to pay the bills before inventing the Miracle Mop. Sounds like a strange enough plot line… maybe that's what is causing all the arguments?!