James Corden is set to make an interesting career move… to NFL?

Host of the Late Late Show James Corden has seen his career go from strength to strength of late. 

After a move to the states to take over the job of hosting one of their most popular late night talk shows, he managed to win over plenty of viewers with his humour. Car pool Karaoke has seen him take on some absolutely hilarious tunes and we got to hear Jennifer Hudson give the most ridiculous live performance, ever. 

However, obviously James is keen to make sure he doesn't get pigeon-holed with his latest career venture. 

He decided that he wanted to see what all the football fuss was about in the states and managed to get himself onto the pitch with the Oakland Raiders team.

The team have a crowd of fans that are notorious hard to please as far as American football goes, but James seemed eager to rise to the challenge. 

He also spent some time trying to get on their good side as he joined the fans in one of their favourite pre-match activities, tail-gating.

This is essentially a lot of food and drinks enjoyed in a car park type setting. James did not arrive empty handed though, he brought his own snacks. Serrano ham to be exact, because he's fancy.