Jameela Jamil stuns House of Commons with powerful speech.


28-year-old television and radio presenter Jameela Jamil delivered a speech in the House of Commons last night which has gotten everybody talking. And no wonder! The former model and current host of The Official Chart on Radio 1 discussed body image, self-esteem and the impact the media has had on her career.

Speaking about her personal triumphs thus far she said: "It came out that I had gained almost 200,000 listeners on my show. The papers ignored this and instead ran a wonderful piece that I'd gained- not 200,000 listeners on my show, but instead- two dress sizes.” Jameela found this devastating and describes it as a turning point in her career.

Jameela's speech managed to be powerful, moving and incredibly funny. She's just one of those people who can engage and captivate an audience, isn't she? 

Following on from both Emma Watson's acclaimed speech at the UN last month where the Harry Potter star promoted the HeForShe movement and Brazilian artist Carol Rossetti's stunning collection of digital postcards which aims to empower and motivate women, we have a feeling that the tide may be turning with regards women's issues in today's society.

The response to Jameela's speech was overwhelmingly positive with people taking to Twitter to congratulate the writer and broadcaster on the inspirational talk. You need to have a listen!