Empowering messages for women across the globe


Have you heard of Carol Rossetti yet? If not, don't worry because you're bound to hear a lot about her in the coming weeks and you may soon have a favourite Rossetti piece.

The self-proclaimed feminist, frenetic reader and chocolate lover also happens to be an amazing graphic designer and illustrator who has created a range of empowering images that depict the struggles and obstacles women face on a daily basis.

Carol's aim is very simple. She want to motivate and empower women to fight gender discrimination and prejudice through her collection of stunning digital postcards. The beautiful hand-drawn designs are celebrations of identity and messages of encouragement which few women will fail to be moved by.

Brazilian-born Carol began the project entitled “Women” in May and has tackled issues ranging from sexuality and appearance to careers and gender stereotyping. The images were originally created in Portuguese, but she has since translated them into several other languages and uses her blog and Facebook page to publish the images.

Carol recently said: “I loved drawing since I learned how to grab a pencil. I think most kids love drawing; the only difference is I never stopped practising.”

We don't know about you, but a lot of Carol's messages really struck a chord here with us.