It’s been re-made! Would YOU sail willingly on a replica of the Titanic?


An exact replica of the Titanic ship is being made and is due to make it's maiden voyage in 2018. 

The ship, which is currently being built in China, has copied the exact interiors and layout of the infamous early 1900's ship. 

We don't know about you but we are not sure we would be jumping on-board for a spin. 

Blue Star Lines is creating the replica ship which will make it's first journey from China to Dubai in two years time. 

The shipping company has said that it has already been inundated with ticket requests and the ship is said to have first, second and third class tickets just like the original cruiser. 

While the ship is almost identical to the original, it was forced to be slightly larger to meet current regulations and also has more lifeboats.

Because, obviously. 

Photos from inside the ship are eerily similar to the replicated sets seen in the film Titanic.