It seems that taller men are better in bed, according to a new study

Having a tall boyf is something a lot of us gals would like.

Even us 5ft 2 ladies always seem to opt for the lads who tower over us – we know, we know, it's shallow. 

But new research shows us that there is a reason why we are usually much more attracted to taller men.

Not only are taller people raking in more cash, but they are are well-satisfied in bed. 

More than 1,000 adults were surveyed by BodyLogicMD to see how our stature can influence earnings, even desirability. 

So what results did the study show? 

First of all, a whopping 60% of men wish they were taller as well as men wanting their ideal height to be 6ft – and when we delve deeper into the survey, we can see why.

Taller men seemed to consider themselves more attractive, confident and desirable than their shorter mates did. 

Also 42.2% of men believed that being taller would give them better dating opportunities. 

When it came to being sexually fulfilled, around 60% of taller than average men (at least 5’11”) and women (at least 5’6”) said they were. 

Shorter than average women were most likely to consider themselves funny, yet they had lower levels of self-esteem in both sexual satisfaction and attractiveness.

Is height important to you?

Would you be less likely to date someone who was a lot shorter than you?

Do you think being tall has that much of an impact on your relationships/career/sex life/life in general?