Is this the start of the fall of the Kardashians?!


It seems not all that glitters in gold for the Kardashian klan, as it has been revealed one of their stores is to close in October. 

Kardashian Khaos in The Mirage Hotel was described as a “celebrity lifestyle boutique” but unfortunately is closing after its Grand Opening in 2011. 

The store offered you the chance to have your fill of Kardashian items including souvenirs, key chains, T-shirts and even a Kris Yo-Yo – everyone needs one of these in their life… 

And if you were lucky, you could have even got to meet the family who popped in every once in a while.  

However, it didn’t really go down well with shoppers with some describing their time in the shop was a waste, commenting on their Yelp page: “Can I get the 5 minutes I spent in here back please?” and others describing the goods as “useless, overpriced GARBAGE!”

Items on the site are half price, so you can now get that Kourtney Beach Towel that you have been longing for for just $25.00…