Is that sweet text from your boyfriend automated?


A new app called BroApp is causing a stir as it sends automated texts to the user’s other half allowing more hassle free time out.

BroApp allows users to write sweet nothings to their girlfriends and set them to be sent at certain times, meaning more time out with the lads and a secure girlfriend at home.

Just in case you think this rouse couldn’t last long, think again. The app is so clever that it identifies when the user is at his girlfriend’s house by the WIFI network and cancels any upcoming messages that would uncover the truth.

It also acknowledges when a real-time text has been sent and cancels any impending ones.

Even scarier, the app has a “Girlfriend Intrusion Detector” meaning that when a girlfriend tries to enter the app on their boyfriend’s phone the app shows up a list of gifts the girl might like. Because if you see a list of things you would love to be gifted you’ll forget all about the reason your looking through his phone in the first place, right? We thought not!

BroApp is only available on the Android Play Store at the moment.