Is social media ruining your relationship?

A study of how much Twitter affects your relationship has been conducted, and the results aren’t good – but don’t run off and delete your account just yet.

Russell Clayton surveyed 386 Twitter users who were in relationships, asking them about how often they use the site and how often they had Twitter-related problems in their relationship. This was defined as arguments due to spending too much time on Twitter or looking at friends’ Twitter profiles. They were also asked about whether any Twitter-related problems resulted in a break-up or divorce.

The results weren’t surprising: heavy use of Twitter was related to Twitter-related conflict and relationship difficulties. Relationship problems were also especially likely to result from excessive Twitter use for couples who had a lot of Twitter-related conflict.

We can’t help but think that Clayton didn’t really need to do a survey to figure this out – it’s all pretty obvious stuff.

However, it’s important to remember that couples who break up over Twitter-related conflict most likely had other problems to begin with, and that’s why one half of the couple got so attached to Twitter, or Facebook, or any of the various social media platforms. So if you’re happy in your relationship, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about!