Is Louis Walsh returning to this year’s X Factor?!


After months of speculation, Louis Walsh has finally confirmed that he will be returning to this year’s X Factor.

Louis revealed yesterday that he signed up for this series of the show, along with Cheryl Cole and the show’s creator, Simon Cowell.

This will make Louis the only judge  to have stared in all 11 series of the The X Factor since it began in 2003.

Louis revealed that he always knew he was going to be a part of the show, but he only signed the contract for this season recently.

“I knew I was doing the show but I just signed the deal and I’m very happy with it. At my age you have to keep working!”

While everyone is still wondering who the fourth judge is going to be, Louis believes that the spot is going to be taken by Scary Spice, Mel B.

“I think it could be Mel B from the Spice Girls – I love her and she’s quite mad. She also did both the American version and the Australian versions of X Factor. But people are also mentioning Alesha (Dixon) and Rita Ora as well.”

While Louis might not be everyone’s favourite, we’re glad he’s returning to the reality show, as we just couldn’t imagine  X Factor without him.