Is it time to reassess your make-up bag?


It goes without saying that we’re all guilty of a few beauty sins. Whether you’re a little liberal with your foundation every once in a while or you forget to remove your slap after a 14 hour day, none of us are perfect. (Hell, we can't be amazing at EVERYTHING.)

But if we have anything in common it’s probably that we all carry around far too many near-empty bottles and tubes when we should be taking stock of our make-up bag and having a ruthless clear-out every six months or so.

Let's make this our New Year’s beauty resolution; if you’re on board, here’s how to get started.


If your mascara is becoming clumpy, it’s not necessarily time for a new one.

Try immersing the tube in a cup of warm water for a few minutes and watch how it reinvigorates itself!

If you’ve purchased a new mascara and yet you’re still carrying around a near-empty tube, then bin it!

You bought the new one for a reason, remember?


We’ve all had a palette of pressed powder or bronzer shatter on us, but we soldier on and continue to use it on a daily basis despite the fact it coats our clothes and bag in powder, right?

Cut your losses and ditch it immediately. Treat yourself to a new one, you have had a make-up trauma after all!


Be honest, how often do you wash them? We all need a little schoolin’ in that department, don’t we?

Experts recommend we wash our brushes once a month in warm, soapy water to avoid germs and infection.  Every thirty days; that’s doable, right?

Nail Polish

Yes, you love the shade, but does it look as good when it’s clumpy and streaky on your nails?

If you’ve tried the age-old trick of adding a little nail polish remover to the actual polish and it’s still not as good as it used be, then admit defeat, bin the bottle and treat yourself to a new shade!


When was the last time you rocked that pearly pink?

If you haven't worn a lipstick in over a year, then chances are it's best days are over, so why not free up some space in your make-up bag for the latest lippie must-have!

Girls, start the new year by taking the time to rummage through your beauty bag and discard the non-essentials, then hit the beauty counter sales to re-stock.

You deserve a few treats for your organisational skills, after all!