Irish star makes Twitter apology after Late Late Show gaffe

Former Irish rugby pro Ronan O'Gara was forced to publicly apologise today after making an unfortunate remark on Friday night's Late Late Show.

When asked by host Ryan Tubridy whether his proudest achievement was having had five kids under the ages of six with his wife Jessica, or scoring 2,625 points for Munster during his playing career, the sports star answered, "I wouldn't be nervous getting up on Jessica but I would be nervous kicking a ball."

Cue gasps from Ryan and raucous laughter from the audience, with Ronan trying to calm things down by referring to Jessica as "a champion of a wife."

While it definitely made for great TV, it seems Ronan's wife Jessica wasn't too happy about the whole thing!

Ronan took to Twitter today to apologise for any offence he had caused and to let followers know he had smoothed things over with his wife, writing, "Back home in Paris. I have apologised to @jessieog and i'm also sorry if i offended anyone else with my very poor joke on @RTELateLateShow."

Bet there was some serious grovelling done over the weekend!