Irish nurse pens heartbreaking poem after Covid-19 battle


A phenomenal young nurse has penned the most moving poem after she was diagnosed with COVID-19. 23-year-old Rebecca Elliot shed a light on what the crisis has really been like for frontline workers. There's no doubt that her moving words will remind every single one of us why staying at home is so vital.

The nurse in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda opened up about suffering from COVID-19 and how it was the loneliest time of her life.

Lockdown isn't a punishment. We are following the measures to help healthcare staff like Rebecca. We are staying home to ensure the healthcare system isn't overwhelmed with coronavirus cases.

There are so many frontline workers who have put their lives on hold to save others and we need to remember that now more than ever. Bending the rules and visiting family and friends is simply selfish when you see what nurses, doctors and frontline workers like Rebecca are dealing with day-to-day.

You can read Rebecca's moving poem below. 

It’s 7am and as I put on my scrubs,
I worry about lives,
Yet some worry about pubs…

Will they reopen,
Or will they stay closed?
I fight on the frontline,
No doubt I’m exposed

To a monster so deadly,
Like a sniper at war,
Killing thousands a day,
It’s hard to ignore.

We put on our armour
To look after our patients
Fighting for breath,
No exaggeration.

I hold your grannies hand,
Her lips turning blue,
As she looks up into my face,
Masked by goggles and an FFP2.

Her life has come to an end,
It’s the last breath she’s taken,
Covid… the cause of a sleep to which she will never awaken.

On the phone I tell her daughter,
“Mam's life has come to an end”
Now time to plan a funeral,
To which only 10 can attend

A tickle in my throat,
A pain in my head,
3 weeks later,
I’m confined to my bed.

My phone lights up,
Ringing and ringing..
A strangers voice on the line,
“Is this Miss Elliott?”
“Yes, speaking?”

I was given the news,
Somewhat unexpected…
The swab result came back,
With “Covid detected”

Now my family must distance,
At least 2 meters away.
So to keep them all safe,
Locked in room, I must stay.

But I am not the first,
And I won’t be the last…
But one thing is for sure..
I will kick Covid’s ass.