Irish Cancer Society issue warning over ‘dangerous’ tanning product


The Irish Cancer Society has issued a warning to the public regarding the potential dangers associated with the fake tan injection, Melanotan.

The substance is banned under Irish law, though it can be easily purchased online, and there are even reports of it being sold in certain gyms and tanning shops around the country.

According to reports, one in 10 people using the HSE needle exchange programme are using the illicit product.

Originally designed as a treatment for skin cancer, the product has since been marketed toward those seeking the perfect tan.

Users of Melanotan often suffer severe side-effects such as high-blood pressure and flu-like symptoms as well as acne and black blotches on the skin.

Kevin O'Hagan from the Irish Cancer Society has warned of the dangers:

"The difficulty is it's an illegal substance and it's highly dangerous. Some of the reports we're hearing in relation to the side effects, that range from sickness right through to a link to melanoma skin cancer, really can cause a lot of difficulties for someone," he said.

"[The side effects] range from sickness, acne, high blood pressure, people often get flu-like symptoms when using it. We've heard reports of people getting body swelling and dark, black blotches on their skin and freckles getting brown."