Ireland will never be number two for homesick 1D star


It’s not Barry’s Tea or Tayto crisps that remind Niall Horan of Ireland – it’s the smell of cow dung!

Despite having jetted all over the world, the One Direction superstar said that Ireland is “100% home” to him, and it’s the smell of cow poo en route to Mullingar that assures him he is heading home to his mammy.

Niall, who lives in London, said he rarely gets to spend time at home thanks to his globetrotting job.

He said, “When I get off the plane and it smells like cow poo I know I’m home. Ireland (still) is 100% (home).”

The only Irish member of the biggest boyband on the planet insists he hasn’t allowed all the hype to get to his head.

It is estimated the band will earn almost €750m during their upcoming Where We Are tour, although humble Niall laughed this off.

“If people are hiding money from us in offshore bank accounts than I want to know about it,” he joked.