‘Instantly better’: Aoibhinn Garrihy reveals her tips for a healthier 2019

January is a tough month – we expect ourselves to snap into shape, give up our vices with ease and run 5k every evening. 

And although it might seem like she is too flawless to need any resolutions, Aoibhinn Garrihy is just like the rest of us.

She has teamed up with Lloyd's Pharmacy who have come to our rescue with a fantastic campaign – Change Your Health Direction. 

They are offering an eight-week programme where you can avail of their healthcare advisors, like if you want to lose weight, give up smoking, look after your skin etc.

And the best bit is it's FREE.

Aoibhinn is super enthusiastic about making positive changes to your lifestyle in 2019 when we meet up with her.  


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She says, ''People are in reset mode, so it's a perfect time to get involved. We meet so many women with Beo (our health and wellness events) and we tend to put ourselves at the bottom of our own to-do list – but there's an expression that I love and that's ''self-care is never selfish''. The fact that this campaign focuses on overall health, not just weight loss is amazing. It's a scheme that I am really proud to get behind.''

The new year isn't all about just physical health, but looking after your mental health too.

So when it comes to self-care, what does Aoibhinn do?

She says, ''I practice gratitude because we can compare ourselves a lot. So I'm reminding myself that what I see online is curated content and it's not real life and everyone has other stuff going on that they don't post about. Trying to hone in on what I have as opposed to what I don't.''

Wise words – anything else?

She continues, ''Cutting back on technology, spending more time practicing mindfulness, I love yoga although that necessarily doesn't work for everyone. Find what works for you.''


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We can think that we have to ''have it all' in terms of life – but that takes its toll on our bodies.

What tips would she give to women who are striving to do just that? 

Aoibhinn says, ''It's a juggling act. I've had to actively work at getting a bit of time for me. My husband will tell me to go for a walk and even though it hard, I instantly feel better. Taking five, ten minutes will feel like a luxury.''

When it comes to her new year's resolutions, hers is something that we can all relate to – less time spent on our phones.

She says, ''We're in that crazy age of technology. Rather than trying to capture the memories that we're making we should just be living in the moment and enjoying them. I'm trying to designate hours where it is a phone-free zone.''

So, why not get involved with Lloyd's new campaign –  eight weeks, no fee and amazing professional support – what more could you want to help get those resolutions kick-started? 

We sure will be.